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In the Neighborhood with Karen Urata – Poway

In Poway, Real Estate, San Diego County, Things to do in Poway on October 23, 2010 at 11:16 pm

As you know, I am a real estate agent and surprisingly enough although what I sell is houses, that is just a small part of what people are purchasing when they purchase a home.  People are buying not just a home they are also buying a lifestyle in a  locale where they will raise their family and perhaps one day retire.

That makes the focus of what I do larger than crunching the numbers, and that is why homes do not come with a “no haggle” style price like you get off the shelf of a department store.  It is truly a very personal business.

Having recently moved to Poway, I started to explore the area and what better way to start than with a long morning walk?  I decided to do something very different and attempt to do this “unplugged”.  No earbuds, no soundtrack, and no recorded lectures. So with a bottle of water and my iphone (set on vibrate) for use only as a stopwatch and a visual notepad, I set out with the purpose of executing a “mindful” walk around the neighborhood.

Here is what I found, wildflowers of many types, (I share a few here, feel free to let me know what type they are if you know),  friendly neighbors, with a quick greeting of “good morning.” Lots of bicyclists, sidewalks, an old sign that announced “Historic Old Stone Lounge”, and a new sign that pointed to a Farmer’s Market.

I started thinking about how that if I followed-up on all these things, maybe with a trip to Walter Anderson’s Nursery to learn about the local varieties of wildflowers, or researching the history of the Old Stone Lodge, or perhaps with a visit to the Farmer’s Market to discover what unique things I would find specific to this area, I would be embarking on a non-virtual Google search of the neighborhood.

See you in the neighborhood.


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